Go to the kitchen, put an oven mitt on one hand and leave it there for a few hours as you get on with your day.  After that, come back and read the rest of the article… You probably have experienced a relatively frustrating time performing the more mundane tasks like opening a bag of crisps, buttoning your clothes, tying your shoes or typing on your computer.  For many people, these challenges are everyday struggles because of a condition they were born with called hemiplegia.  This year I became involved with a groundbreaking project called Breathe Magic (run by the charity Breathe Arts Health Research) that trains children with the skills of magicians to help them improve their physical abilities. Little did I know, I’d be learning as much from them as they were[…]

“Josephine and I were running through the backstage corridors of this beautifully ornate theatre. We were guiding ourselves by the exciting and powerful sparkle coming from the wings. We were already there, we could feel the audience’s roar resonate between the horseshoe shaped wooden balconies.” Norvil, my debonair alter ego, performed his stage magician act Norvil & Josephine  in the Leeds City Varieties Theatre a few weeks ago. For those who do not know, this handsome theatre has the honor of being one of the very few that have kept the variety genre alive in one of its traditional forms. Hat off from me! Variety shows have been a natural habitat for a stage magician such as Norvil or the famous[…]