Gatsby  Party  Magician

With Baz Luhrman’s stylish Gatsby film, it's going to be a hot party theme around to stay for years to come: Gatsby! Christopher Howell comes ready with a complete 1920's costume and stylised demeanour to dazzle guests as your Gatsby “prohibition party” entertainment.

Christopher enjoys working flexibly around what you have planned and offers two diverse acts that can work for Gatsby party themes.
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Vintage style magic

If you’re not going for a 1920’s prohibition era party, then lots of other juicy turn-of-the-century (and later) vintage themes are available.  Think of the famous Victorian parlour magician shows, the Moulin Rouge in the late 1800’s, The “Belle Epoch” of the early 1900’s, or even a pre-war 1930’s party.  Whatever your chosen vintage, Christopher is happy to tweak the costume and show so that it fits in with the theme for your event.

Decadent 1920's party with a Gatsby magician


Close-up magician
Kick off your Gatsby party magician entertainment with Christopher performing as your close-up magician, mixing through your 'speakeasy' entertaining amongst guests as they arrive.


Norvil Shows
Want a show? To keep in line with your Gatsby party theme, nothing less than the most spectacular show is in order.  Solo or double-act.

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