The Three Oranges

Think of it as the perfect dessert to your close-up magician booking with Christopher. It's his signature finale involving a fairy tale told using three innocent oranges. At the close of his close-up magic performances, imagine calling everyone's attention together 'up front' where two guests come up to help...

Something very special is destroyed and disappears without a trace.  At that point, three oranges are introduced and – we won't spoil the surprise for you – the oranges are used to miraculously reproduce special item, once again in perfect condition, and... just in the nick of time!

The performance is entertaining, poetic and frankly mind boggling. In time it lasts about eight minutes. In memory it lives on for years. But don't take our word for it, see a few recent testimonials below.  You can also enquire about adding this to your close-up magician booking with Christopher.

Testimonials about “The Three Oranges”

"…Your performance with the three oranges at the end was unbelievable: a tour de force. As you promised, it gave us something to talk about for a long time. You are a very talented magician and an excellent performer, we so enjoyed your magic and would recommend you to anyone!"
-Mr. J Kleeman (Private client)

"Thank you so much for such a fabulous evening for our parents' wedding anniversary, you really made the night extra special! People have been talking about it ever since and practically every thank you card mentioned your amazing performances. My parents thoroughly enjoyed the oranges performance as the Grand Finale and really felt as if they were part of the act…. It really was amazing!"  
-A. Tanielian (Private client)

"All my guests commented on how skilled you were and the three oranges performance in particular still has us guessing, wondering and then giving up! I'm happy to recommend you to anyone."  
- V. Sivagnanavel (Private client)

"We loved it, thank you and HOW DID YOU DO THE ORANGES!!!!! … You were brilliant!"
-D. Abery, Pancentric  
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