Who knows what it is that obsesses a boy the age of seven with a box of simple tricks?  From that Florida Christmas morning onwards, the young Christopher's skills and fascination with magic began to grow exponentially.  He hardly knew what lay in store.

Magic was that omnipresent hobby that kept growing into something bigger.   Moving to London as a teenager with his family, he pursued a double BA in Theatre Arts and Studio Arts. While lapping up the performance arts scene London had to offer, Christopher continued to develop his acts, being called upon to appear at an ever-increasing number of events. Alongside this, after University he began studying opera singing for five years both in London and in Bologna, Italy.


Despite his meandering path in various fields of performing arts, it was still magic that wouldn't release its grip on Christopher, who is now a full-time professional London magician who travels throughout the UK and internationally to present his work.

Christopher loves languages and speaks Italian, German and Spanish to varying degrees.  He enjoys film, cycling and swimming and you can always spot him in the theatre watching the latest plays, concerts, opera, dance, puppetry....  When he can get away, he’ll likely be with family in Michigan, Florida or Spain.  Christopher lives in London.

email        magic@christopherhowell.net
office      +44 20 7993 4544
mobile    +44 7887 514 809