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So you’ve got an event in London and you want to make it special.  You’ve come to the right place: top notch magic entertainment could be the very ticket you’re looking for.  Whether you’re searching for something flexible and close-up, or a show that all your guests watch at once, Christopher Howell has something just right for you.

American Magician in London

Christopher’s been in London a long time, but his magical life began as a child on the other side of the Pond.  Now a full-time pro American magician in London, he’s ready to dazzle you at your next event.

Cabaret Magician in London

Come to the Cabaret!  Or it can go to you as well, actually.  Christopher’s ‘cabaret’ show is a show that everyone at your party can watch together.  There are two very different shows to choose from - step inside to see what all this is about!

Magician for Parties

Party entertainment can’t get better than top-notch magic.  Christopher’s work is in high demand as a party magician both for close-up magic and for his shows.  Why not make your next party one that people talk about for ages after the last cork has popped?

Hire a London Magician

If you’ve got a party coming up in London that needs a little something very special then Christopher’s your man.  Available for hire throughout London, he’ll bedazzle and bemuse your guests and give them a magical experience to remember for years to come.

London Close-up Magician

Close-up magician Christopher Howell delivers gobsmaking and polished close-up magic as he seamlessly flows amongst your guests making them question the very thing they thought was reality.

Illusionist in London

Whether you want intimate illusions are larger scale show for everyone to watch together, Christopher is an illusionist based in London available for hire at events large or small.  Be under no illusion: he’ll leave your guests buzzing about his show long after the event’s over.

Table Magician in London

Having London table magician Christopher Howell is a fabulous way to engage and astound your dinner guests.  It can take three formats: 1) He entertains guests at tables that are between courses, 2) He can also ‘hold court’ in a breakaway room set while guests come in by small groups to behold intimate miracles, 3) Alternatively if your dinner party fits at one table, he can perform as your London table magician from one end of the table as everyone watches together.

London Wedding Magician

Your London wedding guests need a little something special.  Why not serve them up a few spells delivered by London wedding magician Christopher Howell while he dazzles them and helps get everyone enjoying their time together on your wedding day.

London  Magician  Packages


Close up magician
Kick off your next London party with Christopher performing as your close-up magician while guests arrive. This can also go into dinner around tables between courses.


Norvil Shows
For extra special events, nothing less than the most spectacular show is in order. One of the most popular acts for party shows are the entertaining “Norvil” shows.


One man magician show
When booked as a London magician, Christopher’s highly acclaimed one man show is in high demand.  It’s unforgettable, interactive and gobsmacking.

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