London Close-up Magician

London close-up magician Christopher Howell is based in London offering UK and international availability. He’s a Magic Circle close-up magician who specialises in close-up magic performed for guests either as they mingle with drinks or are between courses at tables.  Christopher's work as a London close-up magician is well known as much for the impression his magic makes on the audience as for his charming presentation style.

Why close-up magic? 
Close-up magic is super effective as an ice-breaker at events to encourage guests to mingle and interact with each other.  It helps guests to relax, have fun and gives them something in common to talk about.
When Christopher works as a close-up magician at your London event, he performs miracles inches from the eyes of the audience and often they are involved directly in helping the magic happen.  All this explains why we’re often told it’s something that guests keep talking about for years after the event finishes.

A little finale perhaps? 
After your London close-up magician performances, you can top it all off by having a show that everyone watches together.  This can either be a quick finale featuring Christopher’s trademark Three Oranges performance, or it can be a longer act.

Whether your event is in or around London or further afield, close-up magician he’ll be happy to hear what you have in mind and offer a quote.

London Close-up Magician Formats


Cocktail magician
Close-up magic is at its best when guests are socializing and you'd like something to welcome and engage them.  Sound good?  Then cocktail magic is the way to go while the bubbly flows.


Table magician
During dinner if you'd prefer some extraordinary entertainment between courses then Christopher's performances as your table magician are the obvious choice.
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