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Christopher Howell has churned out a prolific repertoire over recent years as a full-time professional magician.  Here you can check out his various and diverse acts...

After Dinner Shows

He’s created two diverse shows that are perfect fits for an after dinner show.  There’s Christopher’s one-man show as well as his scintillatingly sinister alter-ego Amazing Norvil.


Christopher’s biggest act as an illusionist is the double-act Amazing Norvil & Josephine.  It includes several big illusions and can play for audiences of thousands.

One Man Magician Show

There are two one-man shows to choose from.  First there’s the Christopher Howell show, with lots of audience interaction and contemporary mind-boggling magic.  Then there’s the Norvil solo show full of panache and theatrical vintage razzamatazz.

Stage Magician Show

Contemporary or vintage chic?  Two beautiful professional acts, both with incredible magic, both with totally different feels.  Take a look and see which one you like better.

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