If you're looking for an Illusionist for your upcoming event, you've come to the right place.  Finding the perfect illusionist for your event can be a tricky job.  The show needs to appeal to a wide range of tastes, it should be memorable and the illusion show you choose should be of high calibre to mark the importance of your event.

Christopher Howell is an illusionist who offers two very different styles of illusion shows.  He’s known for his distinctive performance style in his one-man show and his charismatic and deliciously dark character act when he appears as “Amazing Norvil.”  If you need advice about which of these illusionist acts would be better for your event, contact Christopher for more information.

Not what you’re looking for?
Sometimes when people are searching for an ‘illusionist’ they actually want ‘close-up magic’. Sorry if the trade lingo is confusing.  When we say ‘illusionist’ we mean a stand-up magic show that guests watch all together, rather than ‘close-up magic’ which is performed for small groups at parties.

Illusionist Booking Options

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Christopher Howell Show 
Transport your audience to a theatre of the impossible.  Ideal illusionist show if you want lots of interaction, and it’s tailored for any audience size.


Norvil Shows 
Fun and fast-moving act featuring incredible illusions from start to finish as well as the added delights of Norvil and Josephine’s singing and acrobatics.

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