Gift Performance Package

A little magic can take you a long way
- Roald Dahl

Give the magic fan in your life a gift that they’ll never forget:  an intimate ‘command performance’ of close-up magic by Christopher Howell.  You can hire Christopher to create a ‘command performance’ for your intimate gathering, usually up to ten guests composed of close friends, family or colleagues to witness first-hand magic they will always remember.

Gift performances are presented in Christopher’s inimitable delivery, usually at a dining table or from your sitting room. During the course of the presentation, Christopher will interact with every guest; reading minds, predicting choices, and generally pulling off gobsmacking feats that no human should be able to swing.
Your guest of honour and everyone else will leave with an unforgettable and truly unique experience of top-notch magic, leaving the impression that anything in this world is possible.  

It’s not on TV.  It’s live.  It’s real.  

Contact Christopher and quote “gift performance package”.    Give the gift of magic today!

office      +44 20 7993 4544
mobile    +44 7887 514 809