Stage magician show

Magician Christopher Howell presents his stage magic in two distinctive acts.  He’s known for his creative delivery and gobsmacking magic in both of his stage magician shows.  Christopher’s theatre training shines through as each show uniquely engages and entertains audiences giving them a thrill as if magic were real.

Both acts are the result of a professional team effort which means you get a stage magician show of the calibre you'd see in the West End.  In demand throughout the country and internationally, Christopher’s shows leave audiences talking about them long after the show’s over.  

The shows involve performances that are effective for large audiences although they can be scaled up or down depending on how many will be in your audience.  

Do stage magician shows need a stage?

Howell’s stage magician shows often don’t need a stage.  A clear area like a dance floor is usually fine as well.  If you wonder whether your venue will work for either of these acts listed below, just contact Christopher direct and he’ll be happy to walk you through the logistics of putting on either show.  It’s easier than you might think.


One Man Show 
Transport your audience to a theatre of the impossible.  Interactive magic show and tailored for any audience size.


Norvil Shows 
Stage magician show like none other.  Norvil will leave your audience in stitches, for all the right reasons. Magic plus singing and acrobatics by the incredible Josephine to wow your socks off.

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