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Christopher Howell’s range of approaches means that whatever type of magic entertainment you’re interested in, he’ll have an approach that could work well for your party.

Book a Magician

If this is the first time you’ve been looking to book a magician, and are unsure about anything feel free to ask Christopher and he’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Dubai Magicians

Have you got an event coming up in Dubai? Christopher’s acts are ready to be dispatched to dazzle your Dubai audience.  Close-up magic and after dinner shows are both available.  

Magic Circle Magician

Magic Circle Magician Christopher Howell is available for hire internationally and with his bookings he delivers the endorsement of The Magic Circle.  

Professional Magician for Hire

Hiring a professional gets you something totally different than going with an amateur.  As Christopher is a full-time pro it means he spends time every day improving his craft.  The difference will be clear.

Table Magician

Table magicians can visit guests at their tables between courses at dinner, or alternatively guests can visit the magician in a private performance area to enjoy a special interactive magical experience.

UK Magician

Christopher is a UK magician and offers a variety of acts that are outlined below.  These can provide for both close-up entertainment as well as for shows that everyone watches together.

Magic Consultant

Having Christopher on board as your magic consultant can offer a special touch of magic that will set your project apart and take it to a new level.  You can see here a variety of projects that Christopher has worked on, but the best way to see what you might be able to do is to get in touch with Christopher and have a chat about what you’re working on.

Mago Micromagia

Christopher e’ un mago con una base operativa a londra pero e disponibile per presentazioni della sua micromagia in italiano.

Magician Packages


Close-up Magician 
Kick off your next party with Christopher performing as your close-up magician while guests arrive. This can also go into dinner around tables between courses.


Norvil Shows 
For extra special events, nothing less than the most spectacular show is in order. One of the most popular acts for party shows are the entertaining “Norvil” shows.


One Man Magician Show 
When booked as party magician, Christopher’s highly acclaimed one man show is in demand internationally.  It’s unforgettable, interactive and gobsmacking.

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