Magic Circle Magician

The mission statement of The Magic Circle is laid out, "To be acknowledged as the premier magical society in the world by magicians and the public alike through the pursuit of the highest standards and the promotion of the art of magic and the appreciation of its heritage."  

The club was formed in 1905 by a small group of magicians who met in various venues through most of the twentieth century. It took almost a hundred years, but finally in 1998 Magic Circle magicians no longer needed to be nomads because in this year the Club upgraded to its new purpose-built headquarters in Euston, London.


The headquarters boasts an extensive library, museum, clubrooms and intimate theatre for Magic Circle magicians from around the world to gather in, network and develop their craft.  The Magic Circle is also called The Centre for the Magical Arts and presents many shows for all ages as well as open evenings to the public year round.

To become a Magic Circle magician Christopher was nominated by two current members which led to an interview and subsequent examination before being awarded membership in 2002.  In 2011 he passed a second exam to be awarded Associate of the Inner Magic Circle.

Magic Circle Magician Acts

Magic Circle magician Christopher Howell presents three different acts which you can browse below.


Close-up Magician
Interactive and flexible entertainment perfect to work in around drinks or at tables.


One Man Show 
Transport your audience to a theatre of the impossible.  Ideal show for your Magic Circle magician booking, and it’s delivered bespoke for any audience size.


Norvil Shows 
Perfect show if you want to make a splash.  Norvil can also appear with his spectacular sexy sidekick Josephine who will wow your socks off.

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