Close-up Magician for Hire

If you're searching for a close-up professional magician for hire, you've landed on the right site.  Magic Circle magician Christopher Howell is available as a magician for hire throughout the UK and beyond. This may well be the first time you’ve looked for a magician for hire.  For starters it’s good to think about format; whether you’d like a close-up magician or instead to hire a magician show that everyone watches together.  

After you know your format, check demo videos and speak with magicians on the phone to get a feel for their personality.  Great magic is a must, but they should be the sort of person who will fit in with your party as well.  When you reserve Christopher as your magician, you'll see how his work amongst magicians for hire is well known as much for his unforgettable magic as for his charming presentation style.

Full-time Professional Magician

When you hire a professional magician, you should expect a high level of expertise to come with the booking.  Christopher Howell is a full-time pro magician available for private and corporate events.  When you hire someone who does magic as their career, it's usually going to be a different story than if you find an amateur who does magic on the side.

With a pro, you'll be booking someone whose sole focus is magic and who knows how to present it so it makes a splash in diverse environments. Magic's like anything else: the more flight time you have, the better you'll be at flying. Book a professional and listen to their advice on how to get the most out of your magic booking.

Magician Hire Packages

Whether you’d like to hire a magician show or close-up magic, Christopher offers packages to suit whatever you have in mind.  You can check them out...


Close-up Magician Hire 
Walkabout flexible close-up magician hire format, ideal for working around drinks or at tables.


One Man Show 
Transport your audience to a theatre of the impossible.  Ideal interactive act for a magician show booking, and it’s tailored for any audience size.


Norvil Shows 
Perfect show if you want to make a splash.  Norvil will leave your audience in stitches, for all the right reasons. Not to mention Josephine who will razzle dazzle your socks off.

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