U.K. Magician

Christopher Howell is a full-time professional UK magician performing as a corporate magician as well as for private parties and wedding entertainment around the UK.  His magician work keeps him darting around the country on bullet trains to catch his next engagement.

As you explore your options, you can rest assured that Christopher’s work comes with the endorsement of The Magic Circle and his reputation keeps him employed as a busy magician throughout the UK.   What you get is a polished gobsmacking performance that leaves audiences talking about it for years after your event.

Performance formats for this UK Magician

There are several different formats on offer.  UK close-up magicians are often brought on board for an event to help break the ice and get the party started. For close-up, Christopher works around the other things you have planned for the event, while getting guests to interact and enjoy themselves.

UK Magician Options

UK magician Christopher Howell offers three different acts to fit diverse events.


UK Close-up Magician 
This is a UK magician format that’s flexible and interactive entertainment while working around drinks or at tables.


One Man Show 
Transport your audience to a theatre of the impossible. Lots of audience interaction and is made bespoke for any audience size.


Norvil Shows
An ideal show to make a splash.  Norvil will leave your audience in stitches, for all the right reasons.

email        magic@christopherhowell.net
office      +44 20 7993 4544
mobile    +44 7887 514 809