Behold! Christopher's transformation into his dazzling alter-ego Norvil. He's a beguiling, whimsical and mischievous character inspired by the spectacular golden age of Vaudeville. He delights with his magic as much as he enchants with his singing. Norvil is the one everyone at the party is always talking about…

Norvil’s  One  Man  Show

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One man magic show

The best parties have the most interesting party guests. Invite the debonair Norvil himself to deliver a witty and magical show at your next party. In his solo show, he performs his magic and sings to charm everyone’s socks off. It’s an unforgettable performance full of wonder and theatrical delight that has appeared internationally including at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

He performs a whimsical rope routine that ties the audience’s brains in knots, an impossible fortune telling act that predicts the audience’s every step, and does his show-stopping needle-swallowing stunt. The act often culminates in Norvil's signature routine with 'Bessie' the sprit doll which leaves the audience in stitches… for all the right reasons! Check out the video…

Norvil   &   Josephine

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Duet of comedy magic and acrobatics

Norvil & Josephine act is an entertaining and theatrical illusionist show featuring Norvil with his feisty and adorable assistant Josephine. The double-act is full of their magical antics blended with breathtaking acrobatics and singing. It's a UK magic show like none other that has appeared on television and at events and in theatres around the world.

They will design an act perfect for your available space and venue. If you've got more room, the stage magician showpieces can be rolled out. Josephine will be cut in half, a table will be made to float above the stage during a dreamy acrobatics scene, and as a finale the two performers -- in spite of impossible chains and locks -- will spectacularly change places and costumes in mere seconds. Check out the Norvil & Josephine website for more details!


I love this fun-filled personality-driven act... (with its) fresh, unique and entertaining presentation.
J. Spina, MAGIC Magazine

"The show was the highlight of our event. A perfect mix of magic, humour, glamour, and acrobatic skill make for a great show. Their unique brand instantly set them apart from the rest. I'd happily recommend this duo to anyone who's looking for more than just a magic act."
M. Kent, St John & Elizabeth Hospital, UK
(Illusionist booking)

A beautifully paced and spellbinding act”  
The Stage
(Stage magician show)

It’s a rich magic show, as opposed to somebody just doing tricks”  
J. Dickerson, 2015 Audience member

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