History of Close Up Magic performance

History of Close Up Magic

Magic performed close up is more popular now than probably ever before. Among the most trendy, on one side of the Atlantic we have Dynamo with his street magic specials in the UK. On the other side we find America’s Got Talent winner Matt Franco who went on to do a Vegas stage show full …

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films about magicians

Films About Magicians: 7 Best

Films about magicians have been a perennial favourite throughout the movie halls of fame. From animated comedy shorts to full length mysteries, magicians in movies with a good screenplay never fail to capture the public’s imagination. I’ve made a list of what I think are the seven best magic movies in the past twenty years. …

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Houdini magician chained up

Houdini’s Greatest Secret

This is a true story about a secret that Houdini took with him to the grave. It happened one spring night in New York in 1922*. Harry Houdini magician superstar invited a celebrity guest to a private performance in his home. Houdini’s guest was none other than a certain mystery writer called Sir Arthur Conan …

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magic circle secrets staircase

Secrets of The Magic Circle

As a Magic Circle magician I get asked a lot of questions about this famous magic club. In the UK, even amongst laymen it’s widely known, enveloped in secrets and myths. And because of these shrouds of mystery, many questions are left unanswered. So without giving away too many Magic Circle secrets, here are some …

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5 performing artists in action on stage

Performing Artists: Careers in Covid’s Wake

Covid-19 has hit the performing arts with disastrous effect as social distancing has brought magic and variety shows, plays, film productions, concerts, operas and comedy nights to a grinding halt. This week Delfont Mackintosh Theatres which house shows like Hamilton and Les Misérables in the West End announced they would remain closed until 2021. So …

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Seance magic show performer in chapel

The Makings of a Séance

Last month saw the debut of my latest show: Séance: Conversations in the Dark. It was a big departure from any thing I’ve done before and proved to be a wild ride from start to finish. Before you read this, you might want to watch my séance show trailer video (bottom of the page). I …

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Old magic themed movie posters

Magicians in Film

The writer Sonny Arifien asked me to contribute to his blog Privilege of Legends. It explores the art of cinema and film as an art form. His latest post ‘Sleight of Hand: The Magic of Deception’ looks at how cinema grew out of the world of magic. It explores some ways how cinema has kept …

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wintergarten magician christopher howell

Wintergarten Dreams

I’ve never actually made a bucket list. But one thing that would be on it if I had one would have been to perform at The Wintergarten Varieté in Berlin as their magic act. And it kept coming up: people all the time telling me after they’ve seen my Norvil & Josephine, act “Oh the Germans …

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