Magic has been especially popular on television the past few years and this month one of my acts shared some of the television magic fun with Ant & Dec on ITV.  In one of the most-watched shows on British television, Britain’s Got Talent, magicians have gotten into the finals the past few years (and last year, one won).

Building on that, the eleventh season of the show has rolled around this year (that’s a feat of magic in itself!) and in March the Britain’s Got Talent production team invited my act ‘Norvil & Josephine’ to perform in the latest BGT commercial to advertise the new season.

Norvil & Josephine in their ‘everyday clothes’

Norvil & Josephine are hard to miss but without even knowing you may have seen them already in the commercial on ITV  … because they appeared in fancy dress.  Norvil took on a demented hipster look in a six-spiked beard.  Josephine was busy levitating, sporting a costume that was a cross between a Victorian bride and a Copacabana show girl.  The commercial was filmed over two full days on location at the spectacular Hammersmith Apollo Theatre with a cast and crew of over a hundred.

Backstage, getting beardy

The commercial is a sort of domino effect comedy of errors with one blunder kicking off the next.  It all leads to when Norvil’s magic spell over the levitating Josephine is broken as she plummets to the floor.  Then a cocky Ant & Dec skip into frame and Norvil zaps them with his wand making, erm, something disappear as they run out on stage.

Norvil levitating Josephine on ITV

So while the jury still may be out as to whether Britain’s got talent, it’s pretty certain that it’s definitely got magic.

Spoiler alert: a lot of people have asked when we’re competing but the commercial was only to advertise the season, rather than being clips of who’s competing. Sorry!

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