Magician Christopher Howell at the Wintergarten entrance

I’ve never actually made a bucket list but one thing that would be on it if I had one would have been to perform at The Wintergarten Varieté in Berlin.  And it kept coming up: people all the time telling me after they’ve seen my Norvil & Josephine, act “Oh the Germans would devour this act!”  I could only hope someday they would. Famous are the rumours of how ravenous the Germans are for cabaret and variety: a fantasy world full of extravagant characters, impossible spectacles and tantalising stories that live on long after the curtain has dropped. Then it happened.  One dark October night last year while Norvil was meditating in his aviator armchair with a whisky tumbler poised in one hand and a billiard[…]

I’m just back from a whirlwind sweep of California. The first secret was for me. Even as I flew from Heathrow to San Francisco before a connecting flight to northern California, I still didn’t know where exactly I’d been booked to perform my show. I knew it was in a secret location a two-hour drive from the nearest small airport. My escort – a cowboy who worked at the estate I was headed for – greeted me at the airport and on the way he filled me in as to the specifics of this mystery. It turns out I had been booked to perform in an enchanted forest, of sorts. A private location tucked away in these magical Pacific woods I had[…]

What would you respond?  In the past I’ve received emails and phone calls to either ‘heal’ or ‘curse’ a particular person. This happened despite what I think is unmistakably clear messaging on my site that I’m a London magician offering magic entertainment and nothing more miraculous (or sinister) than that. How many calls would I get if I actually professed to hold secrets to the dark arts or was a miracle guru? People have different comfort levels to not knowing the ‘secrets’ in play in a magic show. Everyone tends to fall in one of three categories as they respond to the ‘magic’ they just saw.  In my London magician shows, there are three types of people I meet. Here’s a little personality test. Which one are[…]

“Josephine and I were running through the backstage corridors of this beautifully ornate theatre. We were guiding ourselves by the exciting and powerful sparkle coming from the wings. We were already there, we could feel the audience’s roar resonate between the horseshoe shaped wooden balconies.” Norvil, my debonair alter ego, performed his stage magician act Norvil & Josephine  in the Leeds City Varieties Theatre a few weeks ago. For those who do not know, this handsome theatre has the honor of being one of the very few that have kept the variety genre alive in one of its traditional forms. Hat off from me! Variety shows have been a natural habitat for a stage magician such as Norvil or the famous[…]