Turn your online meeting
into a Zoom party!

"This is the most fun
I've ever had on Zoom!

- D. Sanderson

Zoom party entertainer Christopher Howell performs his magic show

Zoom Party Entertainer

As your Zoom party entertainer, magician Christopher Howell will transform your meeting into an event. Online meetings risk boring people because that in-person buzz factor is missing. But even if you can not meet in person, everyone at your online party deserves some fun. Watch the video to see how this virtual live Zoom magic show brings everyone near and makes distance disappear.

Four months later, my friends still talk about your show. Thank you so much.
- R. Williams

Zoom Magician Surprises
Zoom magician Christopher Howell's online show is full of magic and mind reading. He designed it to be completely interactive as he reads your mind, sends you thoughts and makes magic happen right through your screen. Just download Zoom for free, gather a few simple props from around the house and you're ready to go with your Zoom magic show. The audience interacts both with Christopher and each other throughout the show. For real Zoom party entertainment, look no further!

A Magic Circle magician, Christopher has performed both on television and in theatres around the world, including at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. As a Zoom party entertainer he created this show with new magic to be especially effective in an interactive video magic context. Watch his video or contact Christopher so he can help you give everyone at your Zoom party that something special.

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Online magician Christopher Howell answers questions.


1.   Who is this online magic show suitable for?

The show is designed for adult audiences. However it is 'family safe' so young people ages 10 and up will have their socks knocked off as well.

2.   How many can watch a show?

An average number is around 5-20 devices per show, with 1-2 people per device. Although this show works well for as many as can attend.

3.   How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on whether it is a personal or business event, how many devices are watching the show and if any bespoke work needs to be prepared. Just get in touch so a relevant quote can be sent.

4.   How long is the show?

Either a 20 or 45 minute show is available, depending on what is best for your situation.

5.   What do I need to watch a show?

The audience needs to download Zoom for free. If you need to use another platform, just get in touch. It is recommended that you use the largest screen you have available.