Meet Christopher Howell
and see how he can make your event unforgettable…

"Everyone was astounded by Christopher’s skill and finesse!"
- D McKelvey, Atika

American magician in London Christopher Howell holds up a card to audience.


American magician in London Christopher Howell is a Magic Circle member and full-time professional who has made a name for himself as the magician of choice at exclusive events around the capital. His extensive resume of international experience is testimony to the standard you can expect when you book him as the magician for your event.  Christopher’s reputation in the entertainment industry has been built not only on his impressive magic but also on his charming presentation style. 

Christopher has developed a variety of magic entertainment solutions that work for all sorts of events.  You might consider his close up entertainment which can be performed as walkabout or as intimate performances in breakaway room.  Alternatively you can select from three different styles of magic shows for everyone to watch together whether in a parlour size room or a large space or stage. Or you might want something totally different by making use of Christopher's combined talents as a magician who can sing. Whatever format of show you need, book Christopher for your magician hire London audiences will remember.

So if you were recently at an event and you wondered who was that American magician in London who performed for you, contact Christopher to see what he might be able to suggest for your party.

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American magician in London Christopher Howell performs at a table. Magician hire as seen in performance. American magician Christopher Howell tears a newspaper on a London stage. American magician in London Norvil cut assistant in half.  American magician Christopher Howell performs at a garden party. American magician Christopher waves at end of his London show. American magician in London burns envelope during show. Magician for hire performs at a table.
Magician hire London poster with Christopher Howell.

Magician Hire London

All good hosts and event organisers want to give their guests something special they will remember and talk about. They also know that the nemesis of a party is dull conversations and guests checking the time. If you want to get them interacting and ensure they are enjoying themselves, professional magic entertainment is one of the most effective secrets of party planners.

When you reserve a top professional magician hire London audiences will have much more to talk about than the weather. You need the advice of a full-time professional Magic Circle member who is as known for the magic he performs as for the charming way he performs it and interacts with your guests. That is why Christopher Howell is the magician of choice for events across the capital, around the UK and abroad.  But don't take our word for it, browse the testimonials to see what past clients think.

"Christopher was great - so personable, wowing everyone with his magic … Everyone was super impressed."
- N. Fitton, Google UK

Get in touch with Christopher for the magician hire London event planners rely on year after year. You will ensure that a potentially bland and forgotten-by-tomorrow gathering becomes an event your guests thank you for and talk about for ages. Call or email about your plans.

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