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"Your magic show was superb; people were genuinely gobsmacked by it!"
- S and J Millwood

Magic Show London performance by Christopher Howell.

Magic Show London | Christopher Howell

Be the host who gives your guests something they will remember. When you book a Christopher Howell magic show London weather will no longer be the conversation topic of choice. Where Christopher's close up magic delivers intimate and immersive entertainment, his magic shows bring spectacle and a fuller magical experience to your event. Read his testimonials to see Christopher is an illusionist London audiences have raved about. You have his interactive online show and three different live shows to choose from below.

Christopher's parlour magic show is a contemporary magic act that includes both impressive and nuanced sleight of hand, mind reading and illusions. This is a remarkable magic show hire for discerning audiences.

His vaudeville magic show features his extravagant alter ego Norvil. He is a comedy character who has appeared in celebrated venues worldwide including The Magic Castle in Hollywood and The Wintergarten in Berlin. This magic show boasts a mix of magic and stage illusions as well as contortion, song and dance.

Lastly, for fearless audiences, his theatrical séance magic show is a thrilling psychological spook show that will haunt and delight. Experienced in semi-darkness, your guests will swear they have witnessed supernatural feats.

Parlour magic show Vaudeville magic show Séance magic show
Magic show on stage in London by Christopher Howell. Illusionist performing lights envelope on fire. After dinner show in action and magician holds up card. Parlour magic show my magician with two people up front. Magic show performed my moustache magician on stage. Stage magician with his assistant. Magic show promo shot as magician uses magnifying glass. London illusionist Norvil cuts Josephine in half. Magic show promo for London bookings. Parlour magic show with woman from audience in trance. Magician looks up from table during magic show in London. Seance magic show promo shot with candle and bell.
Parlour magic show action shots.

Parlour magic show

'Parlour magic show' is the traditional name given to a magic act that can be performed for a group of people gathered in a living room or parlour. It can however also be effective for much larger audiences when Christopher appears as a stage magician. This contemporary magic show hire features impressive sleight of hand, mind reading and other interactive illusions all wrapped in Christopher's engaging delivery. It is one of his most popular after dinner magician experiences.

See clips from the show in the video.

Learn more about the parlour magic show.

Vaudeville magic show Séance magic show
Stage magicians in vintage magic show.

Vaudeville magic show

Set your party apart in an extravagant and glamourous way with this nouveau Vaudeville style show. Christopher transforms into his whimsical alter ego Norvil in his reinvention of the classic magician. His humourous magic and singing will leave your audience enchanted, smiling and in complete disbelief. London illusionist Norvil can either perform solo or with his sassy sidekick Josephine in the larger scale stage magician version of the show.

For more information, photos and videos, visit the vaudeville magic show page.

Parlour magic show Séance magic show
London illusionist in magic show holds candle.

Séance magic show

This is the magic show London stays awake at night because of. Inexplicable and seemingly supernatural phenomena abound in this show where it could be anyone’s turn to reach through to the ‘other side’. An eerie psychological experience, this interactive magic show is performed to candle light and is not recommended for the faint hearted.

Watch the séance video.

Get the full story about this London séance magic show.

Parlour magic show Vaudeville magic show
Magicain Christopher Howell holds card in London


1.    What settings are best for magic shows?

Magic shows are best for events where you want to get everyone ‘together’ for a shared magic experience. They work best in a focused environment.

2.   What are advantages of a magic show?

Your guests experience more magic with a show than with close up magic. Usually shows last 20 to 40 minutes rather than 6-8 minutes per group of close up magic. Shows also give that collective ‘magic moment’ and fill a room with laughter and applause. 

3.   Why book Christopher Howell to perform my magic show?

Christopher has diverse types of magic shows to suit different sizes and styles of events. He is a Magic Circle magician with many years of professional experience, has appeared at The Magic Castle in Hollywood and has a solid track record of satisfied clients and critics live, on television and in theatres worldwide.

4.   How much does a magic show cost?

Cost depends on a variety of factors including location, date/s and what package you wish to book. Get in touch to check availability, get entertainment ideas, and receive your free quote.

5.   How long are magic shows?

Shows usually run from 20 to 45 minutes but it is totally flexible and is decided on a case-by-case basis.  What length is best for your event will depend on your unique situation so just get in touch for advice.

6.   Are there any special technical requirements?

Each show has slightly different sound and lighting requirements, but there is nothing required that is complicated or out of the ordinary. He also is used to building shows around your venue requirements so just get in touch

7.   Where can these magic shows be performed?

Christopher's shows are suitable for groups of all sizes. His shows have played for groups of 10 people and as many as 1,500. He has performed in sitting rooms, restaurants, hotel suites, boats,  showrooms, marquees, gardens, online magic shows and convention centres - just about any place people can gather together.