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Magician who can sing stands on stage in a serenade.

Magician Who Can Sing

Your job as an event organiser or producer is to throw an event or create a show that gives people a uniquely memorable experience they will talk about. To help you do exactly that, you might like to speak with Christopher Howell who is known as the magician who can sing. He has a theatre degree and later training as a baritone classical singer at the Accademia Filarmonica in Bologna, Italy.

Since his music training, he has focused on cabaret and musical style songs which he can integrate with his magic performances either in shows that he has created or in your original productions. For more information on both options, check under the video below.

As a magician who sings Christopher has created a vaudevillian singing magician alter-ego called Norvil.  The shows are available for private hire and are a mix of theatrical cabaret and stage magic with songs.

NEW PRODUCTIONS / Casting agents
Christopher is also available for castings and theatre projects where the production requires a magician with acting skills and singing training. Casting agents for pantos, musicals and other creative projects can contact Christopher directly for more information and to check availability.

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Magicain Christopher Howell holds card in London


1.    Is Christopher Howell available for auditions?

Yes. If you are a casting agent with an enquiry for an auditions for  productions, do get in touch.

2.   What vocal range can he sing?

Christopher sings a bass-baritone range.

3.   Which shows have singing?

The Vaudeville style shows (both solo and double act) feature singing. 

4.   Can Christopher make a bespoke performance?

This is popular particularly for weddings where he can serenade the wedding couple, potentially perform in costume to fit the wedding theme, and finish the song with a magic that fills the room.