Contemporary magic show
with impressive sleight of hand,
mind reading and illusions.

I’ve had people ask me about you who weren’t even there!
– A. Jones
Blackheath Cricket Club

Parlour magic show collage with magician performing.


Christopher Howell is a London illusionist but he has been booked to perform his Parlour Magic Show from California to Cairo and its list of clients includes filmmakers, corporate executives and celebrated architects. From this show, Christopher has collected countless astonished audience reactions.  

The show involves spectators taking part up front and features a variety of modern miracles. He might read an audience member’s mind… he might vanish a treasure from the audience only to be found in a sealed box across the room… he might visibly melt a chosen playing card through balloon. The only thing that is for sure is this: your guests will never forget it.

The performance length depends on your situation.  The Parlour Magic Show is designed for a focused atmosphere such as an after dinner show for everyone to watch together.  To kick off your event before that, you can also invite Christopher to dazzle your guests with close up magic while guests arrive.  When you get in touch, Christopher can recommend ideas that will make your event what everyone will be talking about.

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Parlour audience laughs during magic show.Parlour magic show as magician holds card in air.London illusionist in show tears paper.London illusionist Christopher Howell with volunteers who laugh on stage.Parlour magic in a show by Christopher Howell.Magic show by Christopher Howell in the parlour.Christopher Howell illusionist speaks on stage in London.Show by parlour magic performer Christopher Howell.