The surprisingly
online magic show.

"He made the card
I imagined in New York
appear in his hands in London.

- A. Greenbaum

Zoom magician performs for virtual birthday party audience.

Online Magic Show

Online magic show watch parties are your perfect Covid-safe entertainment solution. Travel through cyberspace to Magic Circle magician Christopher Howell's magic studio in Old Street, London. In his interactive virtual magic show Extrasensory Deceptions he will read your mind, send you thoughts and make magic happen right through your screen. This online event entertainment is an unforgettable experience that draws colleagues, friends or family near and makes distance disappear.

This is the most fun I’ve ever had on Zoom!
- D Sanderson (UK Corporate Client)

Online Magic Show For SOCIAL EVENTS
Having Christopher as your virtual party entertainer is a special way to engage and connect people in separate places. Pour some drinks and gather your friends and family together long distance in your 'virtual party room'. The show is perfect for virtual birthday parties or any type of online social gathering. When you book Christopher's online magic show you will help everyone laugh, dream and connect.

Online Employee Engagement
Online employee engagement activities are essential for morale when working remotely. People get burnt out with endless online meetings. It is called video meeting fatigue. You need a way to beat it and Christopher's virtual events for companies can help. When you book him as your online magician, suddenly everyone interacts and connects despite the distance. This is the perfect way to recharge everyone's batteries and show you appreciate them. Bespoke branded performances are also available.

You might not want to book an online magic show. If so, there are plenty of ways Christopher can make his in-person magic safe as well. Contact Christopher to discuss your event as he has lots of suggestions for in-person Covid-safe entertainment.

online magic show in action virtual birthday party audience applauds online magic show performance magician in show online magic show for virtual conference virtual party entertainer magician online performs a show of magic virtual online magician show
online magic show interactivemagic show for online eventsVirtual magic show poster

Virtual Party Entertainer

When you book Christopher as your virtual party entertainer, he helps you give your online party guests something thrilling and interactive. He draws them into an experience of virtual entertainment unlike any other. As online event ideas go, this show has wide appeal and delivers the unique experience of a world-class magician performing especially for you in the comforts of your home. This show has been witnessed by thousands of enthusiastic audience members to date.

Christopher offers you a professional performance background as a Magic Circle magician who has performed internationally both live and on television including performances at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

If not done right, virtual shows run the risk of ‘losing’ your audience. To rise to that challenge, Christopher has designed this fully interactive online magic show to knock your socks off on this medium. You do not just sit back and watch him perform. Instead, you and your guests are taken on a journey to experience the magic in your own hands and minds!  

Unlike some other virtual magicians, Christopher performs as your virtual entertainer from his London magic studio in a professionally lit and microphoned studio setting. He also provides a technical assistant during the show to help your guests with the interface. This delivers the best user experience possible. He is an online entertainer with the expertise and experience to deliver a top-notch show. When you book Christopher, you will be the star virtual host who delivers the most!

Online magician Christopher Howell answers questions.


1.   Who is this online magic show suitable for?

The show is designed for adult audiences. However it is 'family safe' so young people ages 10 and up will have their socks knocked off as well.

2.   How many can watch a show?

An average number is around 5-20 devices per show, with 1-2 people per device. Although this show works well for as many as can attend.

3.   How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on whether it is a personal or business event, how many devices are watching the show and if any bespoke work needs to be prepared. Just get in touch so a relevant quote can be sent.

4.   How long is the show?

Either a 20 or 45 minute show is available, depending on what is best for your situation.

5.   What do I need to watch a show?

The audience needs to download Zoom for free. If you need to use another platform, just get in touch. It is recommended that you use the largest screen you have available.