Delight your next
video meeting.

“His magic won't just add to your gathering, it'll make it!”
–O. Norris

Online Magic Show Magician Performs on Zoom

Online Magic Show

Online magic show entertainment can save you from a new enemy... online fatigue! Online meetings, celebrations and parties have become the norm in 2020. So to spice up the 'new normal', an interactive Zoom magic show has become a surprisingly popular way for meeting hosts to give everyone memorable entertainment to laugh and bond about. So if you are planning to host an online event for work or pleasure, give all your guests a front row seat and an unusual experience they will chat about for ages.

Whether you will have friends or family joining together long distance in your 'virtual party room', booking a Zoom online magic show is a great way to make everyone feel included. Give your guests something special for your next online social gathering with a moment to share like your friends have not experienced before.

Video meetings fatigue is real. An interactive live online magician is an effective team building activity to shake things up and brighten everyone's day. Christopher's virtual magic show helps you turn what could be another awkward session of everyone talking over each other into a magical event that helps everyone connect.

Christopher's online magic shows usually last about 25-30 minutes. They are interactive so various members of the audience will be called upon to take part at different times right from their own homes. It of course does not have to be on Zoom. Your virtual magic show can be on Google Hangouts, Skype, AnyMeeting or whatever meeting software you prefer.

There are plenty of ways to make live magic safe as well. Contact Christopher to discuss your event as he has lots of ideas and suggestions for making your live event Covid-safe.

Magicain Christopher Howell holds card in London


1.   Who is the online magic show suitable for?

The magic is designed for adult audiences. That said, the show is 'family safe' so kids from around ten and up will have their socks knocked off as well.

2.   How many can watch a show?

It's most exciting when a virtual magic show is interactive. To involve as many in the audience as possible, a good number is around 5-15 screens per show. More are welcome however those shows are less interactive.

3.   How much does it cost?

Christopher is used to charging to perform around the world. But these are not normal times! There is a reduced £80 minimum charge per show and on top of that you can pay whatever you have a budget for or think it was worth!

4.   How long is an online magic show?

A good length for a virtual magic show is about 25-30 minutes. This allows for a good number of guests to take part and a variety of magic to be performed.

5.   Is Christopher available for our event?

Get in touch to confirm availability and talk about what sort of online event you are planning.