Make your wedding sparkle
with unforgettable
magic entertainment.

"We still talk about your magic nearly eight years on from our wedding day!"
- T. Steinreich

Wedding magician Christopher Howell stands smiling up front with the wedding couple as they all laugh.


Christopher Howell has made a name for himself as the wedding magician of choice around the UK and beyond.  As a full-time professional, he knows what it takes to get the random mix of both sides of the family at your wedding entertained, mixing together and enjoying themselves. Christopher brings to your wedding his vast experience and charming approach that adds to your festive atmosphere.  

Christopher’s goal as your wedding magician is not only to entertain and amaze everyone but also to introduce guests who may not know each other.  He draws them together in a magical experience they can chat about afterwards.  This is ideal for example during reception drinks while photos are being taken.  

He has a variety of packages that are perfect whether you want immersive close-up magic entertainment or a show for everyone to watch together.  If you’re not sure, just get in touch so he can learn more about your situation and suggest some options.

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Wedding magician Christopher Howell laughs with the wedding couple. Wedding magician Christopher Howell reveals a card while three spectators respond with dropped jaws.Wedding magician Christopher Howell opens an orange while the bride looks on laughing. Wedding magician Christopher Howell holds a string up while two guests laugh and smile.Wedding magician Christopher Howell performs at the head table as the guests all look on with huge smiles.Wedding magician Christopher Howell in a bow tie holds up a card while two guests look on smiling.Wedding magician Christopher Howell performs for a group of guests while they laugh. Wedding magician Christopher Howell stands before guests at the head table while they clap and laugh.