These vaudeville magic acts
will fill your party with gasps,
laughter and glamour.

the solo act
the double act

The best parties have the most unusual guests…

Stage magician hire of performer on stage with white balls.


For your stage magician hire, you need an act that will get everyone talking. Look no further. Christopher Howell's Norvil act is a contemporary reinvention of a classic magician character. The act has appeared at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, the Wintergarten in Berlin and on television. In his mischievously charismatic style, Norvil performs his one-of-a-kind magic and sometimes even sings.

Unique Stage Magician
He is a party host and magician who is full of wonder and theatrical delight. Norvil has been booked from living rooms to grand theatres around the world. The act is always tailored to suit your unique situation.  This could be a stage magician format with everyone watching together. But you might prefer some immersive entertainment instead… In this case you can invite Norvil to perform his whimsical vaudevillian walkabout magic with his glamourous vedettes.

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Stage magician hire for the Norvil act in a show.. Cabaret magician Norvil performs live on stage. Norvil performs on stage as a Greatest Showman party magician. Gatsby party magician on stage. Stage magician hire Norvil looks through magnifying glass. Cabaret magician Norvil performs needle swallowing act. Greatest showman party magician Norvil holds up a flower. Stage magician hire performs with fire on stage.
Cabaret magician double act stand on stage in vintage costume.


Your job as an event organiser is to give your guests a show they will talk about for ages. Norvil & Josephine are available for stage magician hire and have appeared on prestigious stages such as Berlin’s Wintergarten, London’s Hackney Empire and Leeds City Varieties.  As a magician double act, they perform a show full of magical entertainment that is unlike any other.  They seamlessly blend illusions with breathtaking acrobatics and singing as they redefine the cliché of the vintage magician with his dutiful assistant. The show can be adapted to suit different performance situations. It is also a popular favourite for Greatest Showman party magician events. Check out the official Norvil & Josephine website!

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Stage magician Norvil in show for hire.. Greatest showman party magician's assistant performs handstand acrobatics act. Stage magician Norvil holds a handkerchief in his show for hire. On stage a magician for hire puts assistant in box. Cabaret performance by magician Norvil. Gatsby party show magician comedy act scene on stage. Magician on stage handcuffed in his show for hire. Greatest showman double act party magician on stage.
Magicain Christopher Howell holds card in London


1.    Do I need a stage to have this show?

This show does not require a stage. A well-lit dance floor or similar clear space is also suitable.  Get in touch about your venue situation to know what kind of show could be done in your space.

2.   Does this show take bookings out of London?

Different versions of this stage magician show have recently appeared from Los Angeles to Doha to Istanbul.  So in a word, yes! The video shows different acts that can be done.

3.   How much space do I need for this show?

The smaller solo show likes about 3 x 2 metres.  The larger double act with big illusions prefers 6 x 5 metres.  Send info about your space to know more. 

4.   Does this show supply sound and lighting equipment?

This is normally supplied by the client but there are plenty of tips to help you provide this. 

5.   How much does a booking cost?

Cost depends on a variety of factors including location, date/s and what package you wish to book. Get in touch to check availability, get entertainment ideas, and receive your free quote.