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Magician London Christopher Howell


The best party organisers have something in common. They all want to give their guests a memorable experience that will make their party sparkle and pop as much as the champagne. This one secret means they are known as the hosts who throw the best parties. If you are one of those hosts, you need to meet London magician Christopher Howell.

How in the world did you do that?
- Stephen Hawking

Book a Top professional
We know your event is unique. Christopher Howell has the experience to help you give your guests special magic they will talk about for ages. He has been booked to perform at literally thousands of events so he has expert knowledge of what it takes to make your party be remembered. He has been a full-time professional for over fifteen years. Christopher is in demand at celebrity events and has performed on television. He is a member of The Magic Circle in London and has performed internationally including on stage at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Christopher's goal as your close up magician is to help your guests interact and meet each other, leaving enthralled conversations in his wake. Or if you want to entertain the whole room, he will deliver a magic show that fills the rooms with gasps, laughter and applause in the way only a great magic act can do. Some of these shows even feature Christopher singing because he is also a magician who sings. With his varied repertoire, he is the magician London event planners rely on.

Mind-boggling magic
- Sasha Slater, The Sunday Telegraph

Online Magic Shows at a distance
Do you want to entertain an online group that can not physically be together? The pandemic inspired Christopher to develop a new online mind reading show as a Zoom party entertainer. His interactive online magic shows help employers treat team members in business meetings to unforgettable online employee engagement. Post-pandemic, the show is still a great way to engage a group when they can't all be in the same place.

Magic DESIGNED for you
So how do you plan an event that gets your guests buzzing? It’s easy! Tell us your plans and you will get magic ideas to choose from. They will be designed to help you deliver that special event everyone will love. Now it's time to meet Christopher in his magic showreel.


MAGIC videos  |  See it all

As a party organiser, the above video shows you Christopher's close-up magic plus excerpts from his parlour magic show. Those both work well as pre or post-dinner entertainment options and for party magic. To see much more magic Christopher has to offer, visit the videos page. There you can browse other creative and magical entertainment options to suit all sorts of events.

Magic videos surprises
They say the best parties are the ones with the most interesting special guests. So you should know a secret: Christopher also performs magic shows as a character called Norvil. He wears a handlebar moustache and vintage movie makeup! Norvil's shows can be either solo or as a double act with his sassy sidekick Josephine. This act is especially popular with corporate magician bookings. The videos page shows you a few of these in action.

For the fearless
For the fearless amongst you, there is also the video of one of Christopher's latest shows which is crawling with seemingly supernatural phenomena. It is his theatre style candle lit seance magic show full of haunting stories and magic that will make the hairs on your neck stand up!

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Magician Christopher Howell holds card in London


Thanks for visiting my site. I am an American magician in London. I blog about all sorts of things to do with my magic. I've had an incredibly busy year since I last posted. But I finally have had a breather to be able to tell you all about the adventure. In my most recent magic blog post, I tell about my new magic theatre show called 'Rabbits Out of the Hat'. It mixes magic and acrobatics with musical theatre style storytelling. Enjoy the article and photos from the show and let me know what you think in the comments. Keep safe and well! - Christopher