Close Up Magician

Close-up magician Christopher Howell has built a reputation for his creative and diverse magic entertainment offerings for both private and corporate events. In his blog posts below, you’ll see articles about a variety of topics under the close-up side of his work.  These include:

– His involvement in a life-changing programme that teaches close-up magic to children with hemiplegia.
– Interview with his epic magic mentor.
– Magazine interview about illusionists in film.
– And much more…

History of Close Up Magic performance

History of Close Up Magic

Magic performed close up is more popular now than probably ever before. Among the most trendy, on one side of the Atlantic we have Dynamo with his street magic specials in the UK. On the other side we find America’s Got Talent winner Matt Franco who went on to do a Vegas stage show full …

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Old magic themed movie posters

Magicians in Film

The writer Sonny Arifien asked me to contribute to his blog Privilege of Legends. It explores the art of cinema and film as an art form. His latest post ‘Sleight of Hand: The Magic of Deception’ looks at how cinema grew out of the world of magic. It explores some ways how cinema has kept …

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hemiplegia occupational therapy children magic

Young Magicians Triumph

Go to the kitchen, put an oven mitt on one hand. Now leave it there for a few hours while you get on with your day. After that, come back and you’ll understand this post much more. You’ll understand how a child with hemiplegia can overcome challenges and learn to become a young magician. You’ll …

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