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London magician Christopher Howell has built a reputation for his creative and diverse magic entertainment offerings for private and corporate events. He presents his work not only in London, UK but also internationally. In his blog posts below, you’ll see articles about a variety of topics relating to his performances. These include:

– Article about his Seance themed theatrical experience
– Technique advice for other performers
– Tips about stage fright from his expertise as a performer over many years.
– And more…

films about magicians

Films About Magicians: 7 Best

Films about magicians have been a perennial favourite throughout the movie halls of fame. From animated comedy shorts to full length mysteries, magicians in movies with a good screenplay never fail to capture the public’s imagination. I’ve made a list of what I think are the seven best magic movies in the past twenty years. …

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magic circle secrets staircase

Secrets of The Magic Circle

As a Magic Circle magician I get asked a lot of questions about this famous magic club. In the UK, even amongst laymen it’s widely known, enveloped in secrets and myths. And because of these shrouds of mystery, many questions are left unanswered. So without giving away too many Magic Circle secrets, here are some …

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Seance magic show performer in chapel

The Makings of a Séance

Last month saw the debut of my latest show: Séance: Conversations in the Dark. It was a big departure from any thing I’ve done before and proved to be a wild ride from start to finish. Before you read this, you might want to watch my séance show trailer video (bottom of the page). I …

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character skills magicians surreal image

A Question of Character

In great films there must be a reason why we get sucked in to caring for something even as implausible as, say, a boy who befriends an alien. It’s probably the same reason why we can’t stop watching a TV series about a charismatic and ruthless couple hell-bent on becoming the U.S. president and first …

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heatherwick design performance theory

Designing a Moment

Thomas Heatherwick is one inspiring man. He’s a UK designer who uses a powerful secret weapon that we can all put to work to be more creative. It will revolutionise whatever project – ‘creative’ or not – you’re working on today. It all hinges on a detail of the Heatherwick design theory. You’ll see what …

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magic blog by christopher howell

Magic, in the Round

Since I’m a London magician, I guess you expect this blog to be all about magic.  Full disclosure:  it won’t be – not all of it at least.  You see, even as magicians go, I’m an oddball.  (And that takes doing, believe me!) Unlike for most, my story doesn’t start and end with magic.  Actually I’ve spent …

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