Stage Magician

Stage magician Christopher Howell has built a reputation over the years for his creative and diverse magic stage magic entertainment offerings available for both private and corporate events. In his blog posts below, you’ll see articles about a variety of topics relating to this line of his work.  These include:

– Behind-the-scenes info about his shows worldwide
– Interviews with a other performers
– Tips about performance for anyone who has to make presentations on stage
– And more…

Houdini magician chained up

Houdini’s Greatest Secret

This is a true story about a secret that Houdini took with him to the grave. It happened one spring night in New York in 1922*. Harry Houdini magician superstar invited a celebrity guest to a private performance in his home. Houdini’s guest was none other than a certain mystery writer called Sir Arthur Conan …

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wintergarten magician christopher howell

Wintergarten Dreams

I’ve never actually made a bucket list. But one thing that would be on it if I had one would have been to perform at The Wintergarten Varieté in Berlin as their magic act. And it kept coming up: people all the time telling me after they’ve seen my Norvil & Josephine, act “Oh the Germans …

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Orlan head on table at ICA

Making Magical Magic: Part 2

You may have seen a big Broadway or West End show recently with magic in it. If so, theatre magic consultant Paul Kieve probably cast the spells behind the scenes. Here’s the second part of my fascinating interview with Paul. We sat down in his kitchen last year and he let the stories roll… Christopher: …

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paul kieve magician

Making Magical Magic: Part 1

What do Lady Gaga, a string of Broadway musicals and Harry Potter all have in common? The answer is Paul Kieve, a magician who creates magic behind-the-scenes. He has accumulated an impressive list of projects. All of these use magic that helps tell stories. I studied a degree in theatre and storytelling has always interested me. …

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Kevin James magician saws man in half

The Inventor’s Magic

As I walked through the drizzly December morning in the once shishi Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens after my interview with Kevin James magician extraordinaire. I couldn’t help but think that a hundred years of entertainment history had come full-circle back to this moment. Over coffee Kevin told me that just down the road from where we …

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illusionist Norvil performs houdini escape

Houdini Gone Haywire

What’s there to do when it all falls apart?  People often ask if things ever go wrong for me as an illusionist in front of an audience.  Of course it happens but if the illusionist is good at improvising and has thoroughly thought through back-up plans then it can be a life saver. Also, the …

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stage magician Norvil in variety show

A Stage Magician in a Variety Show

“Josephine and I ran through the backstage corridors of this beautifully ornate theatre. We guided ourselves by the exciting and powerful glimmer of the lights in the wings. Already there, we felt the audience’s roar resonate between the horseshoe shaped wooden balconies. The luscious red velvet curtain lifted to reveal our stage magician variety show …

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