Seance Magic Show

Magician Christopher Howell created a haunting interactive seance magic show available for public and private bookings. In his blog posts below, you’ll see articles about a variety of topics relating to his seance show.  These include:

– Interview with a film blogger about his seance show
– Chat with an online film magazine relating to the show
– Article about how many people believe seance shows to be real.
– And more…

Seance magic show performer in chapel

The Makings of a Séance

Last month saw the debut of my latest show: Séance: Conversations in the Dark. It was a big departure from any thing I’ve done before and proved to be a wild ride from start to finish. Before you read this, you might want to watch my séance show trailer video (bottom of the page). I …

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Old magic themed movie posters

Magicians in Film

The writer Sonny Arifien asked me to contribute to his blog Privilege of Legends. It explores the art of cinema and film as an art form. His latest post ‘Sleight of Hand: The Magic of Deception’ looks at how cinema grew out of the world of magic. It explores some ways how cinema has kept …

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witch trial debunkers believers

Believers vs. Debunkers

What would you respond? Believe it or not, I’ve received emails and phone calls out of the blue to either ‘heal’ or ‘curse’ a particular person. This has happened despite what I think is unmistakably clear messaging on my site. It explains that I offer magic entertainment – nothing more miraculous or sinister than that. Yes, …

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