You Tube Video Magic Show Performance

YouTube Video Magic Show

With audiences socially distanced and with both theatres and events shut down, magic this year has migrated online and gone digital. That means the single biggest change in my magic landscape this year is still about to be felt. It will be the absence of the usual landslide of holiday events in venues around the country. But as social and professional holiday events have moved to cyberspace, I’ve enjoyed delivering a new kind of YouTube Video Magic Show to corporate clients for their online break-out room entertainment. There is still a degree of interaction, the material is always worked around the clients’ ideas and the production quality is like watching a bespoke Netflix magic show. Here are three scenes from a recent production. Enjoy!

A Modern Fairy Tale

This was a routine that hit the cutting room floor of a recent project but it’s still worth a share – even if as a bit of a work-in-progress video. I’ve loved this routine ever since I learned it many years ago. For me, what makes a card routine work is that it has something more than the cards to keep my interest. In this case, it was a story.

The main part of the routine was created by a brilliant card magician called Simon Aronson who we sadly lost one year ago. Usually I perform it in a more interactive way with an in-person audience gathered around. But for the YouTube video magic show version I updated the presentation and wrote a script that took away the interactive factor. The result is this cheeky little routine that tells a modern fairy tale about the digital dating age. Let me know in the comments what you think of this.

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It’s Knot Possible

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that title for the next clip. I like to have a bit of eye candy in these YouTube video magic shows as a palate cleanser and this is a perfect routine for that. There’s a big difference is when I do it on video though. I don’t hear the gasps and shrieks of disbelief that I hear when I perform it live. It’s pure visual impossibility…

Three Card Monte

This is one of the interactive routines I mentioned above.  A whole new horizon of magic has hit the limelight this year that can be done long-distance. I designed my virtual online magic show to be fully interactive from start to finish. The audience does not just watch, but they play an active part in making every show possible. In the same way for video magic shows I think it’s so important that the audience takes active part in the goings-on on the other side of the screen.

So grab yourself a deck of cards and play along with this next video. You’ll need two ‘2’ cards of any suit and one Queen card. You might have seen swindlers playing versions of this game on street corners. If you’re feeling brave you can put some money on it. But if you want to learn from those who went before you, that might not be such a good idea! Have fun.

I hope you enjoyed these segments from my YouTube video magic show. It’s been exciting to adapt magic and develop new routines to answer the needs of online entertainment in this difficult time. Whether it’s interactive magic live on Zoom or pre-recorded performances like these above, I hope the magic is helping give people an opportunity to unplug, recharge and feel some joy, even if for a little bit in this unprecedented year.

Thanks for coming along.  Say hello and drop me a note in the comments below. I hope to see you again after a few more turns in the trail.

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